Announcing Lamas Finance Educational Contest!

As we gear up for our test-net launch, we’d love to have our community help boost the understanding of Lamas Finance!

Topic: Lamas Finance ecosystem

Reward pool: $400

- 1 First Prize: $150
- 1 Second Prize: $100
- 3 Third Prizes: $50/each

How to join

Step 1: Explain Lamas Finance & our products in any form of information: Infographics, Tweet Threads, Blogposts, GIFs, Video, etc.

Step 2: Tweet your entry (text, URL, media, …) and tag
@lamasfinance, also include #LamasFinanceLearn in the tweet.

Step 3: Join & follow all social channels of Lamas Finance:

- Twitter:
- Telegram chat:
- Telegram announcement:
- Medium:

Step 4: Invite 3 friends to join our Telegram chat:

Step 5: Fill out this form:

Additional information

The event will last for 01 week from now until 27th December 2021, 17:00 (UTC).
Winners will be determined by Lamas Finance Team and rewards are denominated in USDC-SPL.


New $500 prize pool for Lamas Finance Educational Contest.

This contest seems to be not as easy as the first airdrop that we have just received some entries. To add to the excitement, we decided to add 02 third-place awards of $50 each, bringing the total reward to $500 (01 First Prize, 01 Second Prize and 05 Third Prizes). The deadline for submission of entries has also been extended to January 3, 2022. Speed up and win!

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