Ensuring Fair Play: The Lamas Finance Approach

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2 min readOct 18, 2023


In the dynamic world of blockchain gaming, fairness isn’t just an ideal; it’s a cornerstone of our philosophy at Lamas Finance. As we navigate the intricate landscape of decentralized gaming, transparency, and equality are not just principles we uphold; they’re woven into the very fabric of our gaming ecosystem. Let’s delve deeper into how Lamas Finance ensures fair play and sets itself apart in the gaming realm.

Peer-to-Peer Interaction

At the heart of our gaming philosophy is a commitment to fostering direct peer-to-peer interaction. We’ve implemented a zero-sum model across all our games, transcending the traditional dynamics of gaming platforms. In this model, participants engage in a direct, unmediated interaction where outcomes are solely determined by their choices and strategies. This not only eliminates spreads from bets but also creates a transparent and equitable playing field where every participant has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Our dedication to peer-to-peer interaction extends beyond the gaming experience. A strategic portion of the profits generated by winners flows seamlessly into the Treasury Pool. This deliberate move not only reinforces the principles of fairness and transparency but also fuels the incentives within our decentralized finance (DeFi) functions. It’s a symbiotic relationship where participants contribute to the growth of the ecosystem while benefiting from their active engagement.

On-Chain Randomness

One of the challenges in the blockchain gaming space is achieving genuine on-chain randomness. To address this, we’ve embraced VRF (Verifiable Random Function), a cryptographic function that stands as a robust solution to generate unpredictable and unbiased random numbers on the blockchain. Unlike conventional methods, VRF ensures randomness by generating these numbers off-chain and then proving their validity on-chain.

Our journey in ensuring on-chain randomness has been a pioneering one, particularly on the Solana blockchain. Through the use of VRF, we’ve developed an on-chain random solution that has not only gained recognition within the blockchain community but has also earned us the distinction of being among the initial grant recipients officially approved by the Solana Foundation. This commitment to innovation and fairness contributes significantly to the authenticity and integrity of the Lamas Finance gaming experience.


In conclusion, ensuring fair play at Lamas Finance is not merely a commitment; it’s an ongoing effort to redefine the gaming experience. It’s about providing a space where trust, equality, and innovation converge to create an environment that goes beyond entertainment — it builds a community where participants thrive and contribute to the evolution of blockchain gaming.

In our next article, we will conduct an in-depth exploration of VRF and thoroughly examine our random solution. It’s important to note that this content requires an intermediate level of technical and mathematical knowledge to fully grasp the intricacies of our approach.



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