LMF Update: Total Supply & Circulating Supply

Lamas Finance
2 min readNov 19, 2023

Lamas Finance, the true-DApp-game hub on Solana, has recently undergone significant updates to its tokenomics, impacting both the total supply and circulating supply. Let’s delve into the details of these changes and understand how they shape the future of LMF.

Total Supply

In the original whitepaper, Lamas Finance outlined a total supply of 10 million tokens, with the team allocated 20% of them. However, in a move towards increased decentralization, the team has recently burned 1 million tokens. Additionally, almost 100,000 tokens, initially refunded in the IDO on Kommunitas, have also been burned.

As a result, LMF’s current total supply stands at 8.9 million tokens. It’s crucial to note that the team’s tokens remain locked, ensuring a commitment to a fair and distributed ecosystem. Adding to this, the in-game burning mechanism, which incurs a burn of half the tax applied to winners, further contributes to decreasing the total and circulating supply over time.

Circulating Supply

The current circulating supply is composed of tokens from various sources:

  • Public Sale Token: 40% released at TGE, with 400,000 LMF sold, translating to 160,000 LMF currently in circulation.
  • Private Sale Token: 10% released at TGE, with 2 million LMF sold, resulting in 200,000 LMF in circulation.
  • Marketing: A modest 8,000 LMF has been distributed for the Kommunitas airdrop/marketing event.

In total, there are currently 368,000 LMF tokens in circulation.

Next Unlock Dates

Keep an eye on upcoming token unlocks:

  • Public Sale: December 4th (120,000 LMF)
  • Private Sale: December 14th (150,000 LMF)
  • Marketing: Gradual distribution throughout December (exact time & plan: TBA, estimated amount < 50,000 LMF)

These strategic adjustments in tokenomics align with Lamas Finance’s commitment to transparency, decentralization, and the long-term success of the project. Stay tuned for further updates as LMF continues to evolve and shape the GameFi & DeFi landscape.



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