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Lamas Finance
6 min readOct 18, 2023

Details of the Text AMA: https://t.me/kommunitas_ann/3943

Here is the recap…

Q0: Before we continue, could you please introduce yourself and the project you are working on?

Hello everyone, my name is Max, CEO of Lamas Finance. Firstly, I want to thank Kommunitas for having me, and now I’m really excited to have the opportunity to introduce Lamas Finance — a true Dapp Game Hub on Solana.

Lamas Finance serves as a true-DApp-game hub built on Solana, delivering genuine blockchain gaming experiences while also providing the opportunity to benefit from essential DeFi functions. Within our platform, users can engage in various activities, including playing games, exploring NFT collections, and participating in yield farming. The native utility token, LMF, plays a pivotal role across multiple aspects such as game participation, NFT exchanges, staking, and yield farming.

Q1: Can you explain how Lamas Finance combines blockchain gaming, DeFi, and NFTs on the Solana blockchain? What sets it apart from other projects in the GameFi space?

Certainly! Lamas Finance is at the forefront of merging blockchain gaming, decentralized finance (DeFi), and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Solana blockchain, standing out in the competitive GameFi landscape.

Solana’s Technological Edge: Built on Solana, known for its unparalleled speed and cost-effectiveness, Lamas Finance ensures that each game is a genuine decentralized application. All computations are securely executed through smart contracts directly on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and fairness.

A Spectrum of Games: From skill-testing Price Prediction and Up or Down to the thrill of chance in Jackpot Lottery and Lucky Spinner, we offer a diversified gaming portfolio, ensuring engagement for users with different preferences.

NFT Collections and Trading: Users not only earn LMF tokens but also collect NFT pieces by participating in games. These collections unlock exclusive prizes and can be traded on the lively Lamas Marketplace, adding value and rarity to digital assets.

Staking and Yield Farming Opportunities: LMF holders enjoy the benefits of high Annual Percentage Yield (APY) staking on our platform, earning interest, obtaining governance rights, and reducing gaming taxes significantly. Our platform goes beyond gaming, providing avenues for users to grow their wealth strategically.

Versatile LMF Token: At the core of our ecosystem lies the LMF token, a multifaceted utility token driving game participation, NFT transactions, staking, and yield farming. Presently hosting four captivating games — Price Prediction, Up or Down, Jackpot Lottery, and Lucky Spinner — Lamas Finance introduces both skill and chance into the gaming experience.

🚀 What Sets Us Apart: Beyond our robust technological foundation, Lamas Finance is committed to delivering a diverse and enjoyable user experience. Massive liquidity, a myriad of features, and a user-centric approach define us as a platform capable of meeting diverse user needs.

In essence, Lamas Finance stands as a testament to the integration of gaming, DeFi, and NFTs, providing users with a holistic and pioneering experience in the evolving GameFi industry.

Q2: What upcoming catalysts or developments can the community look forward to? Are there any new games, features, or partnerships on the horizon?

Absolutely delighted to offer a glimpse into the upcoming chapter of Lamas Finance. Here’s a formal preview of the exciting developments awaiting our community in the current quarter:

1. Game Expansion: Get ready for an exhilarating array of new games, featuring the pulse-pounding Price Prediction and Up or Down. Our commitment is to elevate the gaming experience, introducing diverse challenges for our valued community.

2. DeFi Integration: We’re set to roll out robust DeFi functionalities. Users can stake tokens, actively participating in governance, fostering a strong sense of community involvement. Furthermore, the introduction of liquidity addition and token farming with enticing APRs will empower users to enhance their purchasing potential through active engagement in our financial ecosystem.

3. NFT Collection Pre-Sale: Embark on an immersive journey into the NFT realm with our exclusive pre-sale event. This unique opportunity allows early adopters to secure distinctive and valuable NFTs, enriching your digital asset portfolio.

4. Unveiling New Partnerships: Stay tuned for exciting partnerships with industry-renowned projects such as Humanode, TaskOn, Dmail, EDNS, HorizonDex, and more. We are actively exploring collaborations with dynamic projects that share our vision and commitment to innovation.

The journey ahead is filled with innovation, excitement, and collaborative growth. We can’t wait to share these remarkable milestones with our dedicated community. Stay tuned for more updates and let’s shape the future of Lamas Finance together!

Q3: How does Lamas Finance ensure fair play within its games, and how does the project leverage on-chain randomness on Solana?

Very good question!

At Lamas Finance, ensuring fair play within our gaming ecosystem is not just a principle; it’s the cornerstone of our approach. We’ve instituted a zero-sum model across all our games, fostering a direct peer-to-peer interaction where outcomes are determined solely by the participants. In this model, there’s no spread from the bets, creating a transparent and equitable playing field. What sets us apart is our commitment to a fair and transparent environment. Moreover, a strategic portion of the winners’ profits is automatically channeled to the Treasury Pool. This not only reinforces fairness and transparency but also fuels the incentives within our DeFi functions, creating a symbiotic relationship between participants and ecosystem growth.

Navigating the challenge of on-chain randomization, we have embraced VRF (Verifiable Random Function). This cryptographic function stands as a robust solution to generate unpredictable and unbiased random numbers on the blockchain. Unlike conventional methods, VRF ensures randomness by generating these numbers off-chain and then proving their validity on-chain. A significant milestone for us has been the pioneering development of an on-chain random solution on Solana utilizing VRF. This groundbreaking approach has not only earned us recognition but also the distinction of being among the initial grant recipients officially approved by the Solana Foundation. Our dedication to innovation and fairness remains unwavering, contributing to the authenticity and integrity of the Lamas Finance gaming experience.

Q4: Could you share an interesting fact about the project that the community might not be aware of, perhaps something related to the development process or the team’s achievements?

Let’s bring attention to an intriguing aspect of Lamas Finance that might not be widely recognized among the community. Our journey has been marked by significant achievements, notably clinching the 1st Prize in the GameFi track at Solana Coding Camp Season 2. This recognition not only speaks volumes about our commitment to innovation but also positions us at the forefront of advancements in the blockchain gaming space.

Delving deeper into our development process, we take immense pride in pioneering the creation of an on-chain random solution on Solana. This groundbreaking endeavor involved the incorporation of a Verifiable Random Function (VRF) into our ecosystem. What makes this achievement truly noteworthy is that it garnered recognition from none other than the Solana Foundation itself. Lamas Finance stands tall as one of the initial grant recipients officially approved by the Solana Foundation, underscoring our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in blockchain technology.

These milestones, together, symbolize not just our prowess in the gaming industry but also our commitment to setting new standards for authenticity, security, and innovation. As we continue to evolve, we’re excited to share more of these behind-the-scenes triumphs with our vibrant community.

Q5: Could you shed some light on the long-term vision for Lamas Finance? How do you see it evolving in the blockchain gaming and DeFi space over the next few years?

Absolutely, we’re excited to share the long-term vision for Lamas Finance.

Our trajectory in the blockchain gaming and DeFi space is guided by a commitment to continuous innovation and community-centric growth. Over the next few years, we envision Lamas Finance evolving into a trailblazer that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge blockchain gaming experiences with robust decentralized finance functionalities. We’re dedicated to expanding our game portfolio, introducing innovative features, and forging strategic partnerships that enhance user engagement and participation.

Moreover, our focus on community governance and inclusivity will remain unwavering, ensuring that Lamas Finance becomes a vibrant ecosystem where users not only experience the thrill of gaming but actively contribute to the platform’s development and direction. Through a combination of technological excellence, user-centric design, and strategic collaborations, we aim to redefine the landscape of blockchain gaming and DeFi, setting new standards for the industry.



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