Understanding the Initial Supply and Distribution Plans for Lamas Finance (LMF) at TGE

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2 min readOct 21, 2023

As we approach the highly anticipated Token Generation Event (TGE) for Lamas Finance, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the initial supply and how tokens will be allocated during this significant phase. Let’s delve into the specifics:

Circulating Supply at TGE (Initial Supply)

To comprehend the initial supply at TGE, take a look at the token allocation chart provided:

During the TGE, only tokens from the following allocations will be made available:

  • Liquidity Allocation: 10% of Total Supply
  • Public Investor Allocation: 5% of Total Supply
  • Private Investor Allocation: 20% of Total Supply

How Much Each at TGE

Refer to the Vesting plan for a breakdown of allocations:

Specifically, at TGE, we will have:

  • Listing & Liquidity (10% at TGE): This accounts for 1% of the total supply and is dedicated to DEx listing.
  • Public Sale (40% at TGE): A maximum of 2% of the total supply will be available for public investors during the TGE, with adjustments based on the sale outcome. Please be aware that any unsold tokens from the Public Sale will undergo a burning process.
  • Private Sale (10% at TGE): Initially, 2% of the total supply will be available. However, (all) private investors agreed on a strategic agreement to receive tokens 7 days post-TGE. Consequently, none of the private allocations will be in circulation at TGE.

In total, only 3% of the total supply, equivalent to 300,000 LMF tokens, will be accessible at TGE. At the Public Sale price of $0.4, this sets the initial cap of LMF at $120,000.

Airdrop Token Release

The release of tokens from airdrop campaigns is a carefully planned process. Distribution is scheduled post-TGE (about the TGE plan, kindly check this), with a minimum three-week gap and a staggered release in patches. This industry-aligned practice is implemented to prioritize the protection of our valued investors. Each campaign will contribute to the steady release of airdrop rewards, ensuring a controlled and secure distribution process.

As we embark on this exciting phase, the transparency and strategic planning of Lamas Finance underscore our commitment to building a robust and investor-friendly ecosystem.

Stay tuned for further updates as we approach the Token Generation Event and beyond!



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