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3 min readDec 2, 2021

The Dapp industry is burgeoning with more than 2 million daily unique wallets registered during August 2021. Notably, around 880,000 unique gaming wallets interact with a smart contract on a daily basis. These figures show that the market size for gaming dapp is very large.

Source: DappRadar

GameFi, the intersection of decentralized finance and the gaming industry, is receiving the utmost attention from the public. So far since the beginning of the year, many GameFi projects have been launched. Some common features of these games are the adaptation of NFT to represent in-game items or the use of crypto as in-game currency. However, most of them require a private server to execute logic as well as to archive records and calculations throughout the gaming process, which makes those Dapps not truly Dapps. The blockchain’s key features as decentralization, transparency, and security are underutilized. Furthermore, the very high gas fee of the Ethereum blockchain, on which most of these Dapps are built, has increased the total cost per transaction.

Accordingly, the core mission of Lamas Finance is to provide users with an experience of true blockchain games as well as other Defi key functions by which they can earn profit and bonuses. Developed on Solana — the fastest and cheapest platform in the cryptocurrency space, all games by Lamas Finance are true Dapps: logics and calculations throughout the gaming process are executed on the blockchain via smart contract. Lamas Finance is believed to meet diverse users’ demands thanks to the massive liquidity based on DeFi and reach the highest bliss point of users by different games.

Our platform provides users with a set of game products, NFT collections, and yield farming feature. LMF, the native utility token of Lamas, is used for a variety of purposes: participating in the games, exchanging NFT, staking, yield farming, and governance functions.

Currently, Lamas Finance provides users with four games: Price Prediction, Up or Down, Jackpot Lottery, and Lucky Spinner.

Source: Lamas.co

There are two games about prediction markets, which are the perfect places for those who want to practice and demonstrate their ability to predict the movement of the market. The two other games are the games of luck, bringing high entertainment to players.

Users will have chances to receive NFT through gaming activities as well as by trading with other players in Lamas marketplace. Completing collections will bring users some large amounts of rewards.

LMF, the native utility token of Lamas, is used for a variety of purposes: participating in the games, exchanging NFT, staking, yield farming, and governance functions. Detailed information about the LMF token will be updated in the next post.

In conclusion, blockchain is gaining more popularity and acceptance throughout the world, while its smaller sector — gamefi is still in its early stages and has plenty of room to grow in the future. Lamas Finance was launched at the right time time to take full advantage of blockchain technology and deliver a next-level experience of true dapp as well as a wide range of additional options for investment and earning profit.



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