Yield Farming with LMF: A Step-by-Step Tutorial for 1000% APR

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3 min readNov 14, 2023

If you’re eager to maximize your returns, yield farming with LMF is an excellent choice, offering a remarkable 1000% APR. Follow this comprehensive guide to provide liquidity for the LMF/USDC pool on Orca and learn how to harvest your well-deserved yield.

Providing Liquidity for LMF/USDC Pool on Orca

1. Visit the LMF/USDC pool on Orca by navigating to Orca Liquidity

2. Connect your Solana wallet to Orca

3. If the LMF/USDC pool is not immediately visible, use the Explorer bar to search for “LMF”.

4. Initiate the process by clicking on the Deposit button.

5. Choose your price-range option: Full Range or Custom

5.1 Full Range

Opt for a balanced 50–50 deposit ratio by selecting Full Range. Input your desired amount and click Preview.

Ensure all the information is accurate, then proceed by clicking Confirm deposit. The final step involves confirming the transaction within your wallet.

5.2 Custom Range

For a more tailored approach, choose Custom range and input your desired price range.

Click on Next step: Choose amount

Please be aware that in this scenario, the deposit ratio is not evenly split (50–50). Input your desired amount and click Preview.

Then proceed in a manner similar to 5.1.

6. Deposit Complete!🎉You will now see an image of your position NFT which is in your wallet.

Harvesting Your Yield

  1. Access the Orca Liquidity Page.
  2. Connect your Solana wallet to Orca and click on Portfolio.

3. Identify your positions and the associated pending yield by hovering over the text.

4. Click Harvest All to claim and collect your hard-earned yield!

Embark on your journey of yield farming with LMF, and watch your returns flourish in the vibrant world of decentralized finance. Happy farming! 🌾🚀



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